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2014 Consumer Confidence Report - Annually, the City publishes a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), which provides customers with a snapshot of the quality of water that the City provided the previous year. Click here for the 2014 CCR.

City Utility Services
The City of Atchison provides water, wastewater, and residential trash collection services. All three are conveniently billed on one monthly statement - your City of Atchison utility bill.

  • Establish service
  • Transfer service
  • Stop service
  • Sign-up for free Direct Debit services. Have your monthly utility payment deducted on-time directly from your bank account. Never pay late fees again!

View our Welcome Guide for New Utility Customers. Important information about billing and payment policies.

Our customer service staff is located at City Hall, 515 Kansas Avenue, and is ready to answer questions about your bill and handle requests for service turn-on, disconnections, or transfer.
We accept payments:
  • In person at our payment window at City Hall, 515 Kansas Avenue.
  • At our 24 Hour drive-thru drop box located in the alley behind the post office marked: CI TY O F ATCHISON.
  • On our website with a credit card payment. Click here for a simple, secure way to view and pay your bill.
  • By Direct Debit, sign-up here.
  • Through the good old-fashioned postal mail, by carrier pigeon, or singing telegram.
We accept VISA, MasterCard, personal check, cashier's check, or (in person) cash. We do not accept counter checks.

Having trouble remembering your payment dates?See our customer service representatives at our offices at 515 Kansas Avenue for handy calendar stickers and a schedule of your due dates for the year. Or sign-up for Direct Debit and never have a late fee again.

Disclaimer: Your payment is processed on the day we receive it, not the day it's postmarked or the day you paid it online through your bank. Late fees and non-payment penalties will apply and will not be waived, no exceptions.

When mailing your payment, remember:

  • Make checks, money orders, and cashier's checks payable to: City of Atchison, Kansas.
  • Personal checks MUST show your name, address, date of birth, and driver license number.
  • For good measure, include your utility account number(s) on the memo line of checks.
  • Never send cash through the mail. EVER. We are not responsible for mailed cash payments.


Establishing Service: We require a $25.00 connection fee to establish service. This is not a deposit and it is not refundable. If you apply for service online or by phone, the connection fee will appear on your first utility bill.


Paying Your Bill: The City enforces a timely payment policy. The balance shown on your utility bill statement is due on the date given on the bill, meaning that it must be in our office before the end of business (5:00 p.m. CST) that day.

As a customer, it is your responsibility alone to ensure that the payment arrives by the due date.

PLEASE NOTE: Postal mail is a generally reliable system but not perfect. We do not give credit for postmarked mail not received in our office by the due date.*

*College students: If you're leaving town for holiday break, the summer, graduation, etc. DO NOT FORGET to make arrangements to get your utility bill paid. Late fees and disconnects won't be postponed or waived.

Late Fees: If payment is late, we assess a late fee of$7.00 or 10% of the bill, whichever is greater, and a bright red disconnect notice is generated immediately.
Non-Payment Penalties: Customers have seven business days from the due date to settle their account in full, otherwise service will be disconnected and a $75.00 non-payment penalty will be assessed to the account. The account must be paid in full before service can be restored.
Returned Checks: We assess a $25.00 charge on returned checks for insufficient funds. If service is disconnected, you are required to pay an additional $75.00before the service will be restored. Sorry, we won't accept payment by check on the account for a year.

Why so tough? Not tough, just consistent. For years, good customers who paid their bill on time had to subsidize the bad habits of those who continually abused more lenient payment policies through higher rates. Today, we strictly and uniformly administer our policies because to do otherwise would be unfair to good customers who voluntarily do the right thing.

Having trouble paying your bill on time? Try our Direct Debit and avoid late fees.


Having trouble paying your bill? Contact us at 913/367-5500.We may be able to offer payment options and other arrangements for customers in good standing. We can help, but we have to hear from you first.

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  • (913) 367-5500
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