The Utilities Department provides citizens and businesses of Atchison with safe and reliable water and wastewater services.

In partnership with the City Finance Department, we provide water services to approximately 4,300 customers in Atchison in addition to surrounding rural water districts.

Atchison is fortunate to have a plentiful supply of water drawn upstream from the Missouri River. The hard-working men and women of our utility crews oversee the process of producing clean water from stream to tap and processing treated wastewater. This includes maintaining our facilities at the water and wastewater treatments plants, pump stations, water towers, and the distribution and collection systems throughout town.

Director of Public Works & Utilities, Justin Pregont, overseas the operations side of the Utility department, while Finance Director/Asst. City Manager Becky Berger overseas billing and customer service.

Critical to our continued offering of clean and efficient water and wastewater systems is constant planning efforts that ensure we have the correct equipment, technology, and resources to continue producing a sustainable water supply.

In the generations to come, Atchison will also continue to address its combined sewer overflow (CSO) separation to demonstrate good stewardship alongside our partners at the Kansas Department of Health & Environment (KDHE) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). A video prepared by Benedictine College with the help of Professor John Settich explains more of our combined sewer situation.