The demolition of dangerous structures is an important component of maintaining the vitality of Atchison and is an identified priority of the City of Atchison. The Demolition Cost Share Program has been established to assist property owners with the costs associated with removing structures that are blighted and create a safety hazard. Redevelopment of the underlying land is the ultimate goal with these properties, though the Demolition Cost Share Program exists outside of any economic development incentives that may be offered for redevelopment of underutilized property.

Program Categories

Unsafe & Dangerous
Any structure that has been identified as unsafe and dangerous is eligible for the Demolition Cost Share Program. Property owners with structures meeting this minimum qualification may request to participate in the cost share program and receive reimbursement for 10% of the demolition expenses, not to exceed $4,000.

City Initiated Demolition
Structures that meet criteria #1 and are targeted by the City for demolition are eligible for additional reimbursement. If a property owner has been previously notified in writing that a structure is targeted for demolition, the property owner may participate in the cost share program and receive reimbursement for 35% of the qualified demolition expenses, not to exceed $4,000.

Financial Hardship
Structures that meet criteria #1 and #2 are eligible for additional reimbursement if the property owner qualifies for a financial hardship. Property owners with less than $100,000 in assets and household income below the area median household income may receive reimbursement for 60% of the demolition expenses, not to exceed $4,000.

Public Safety Use
From time to time, the City’s Police and/or Fire Department may be interested in using a structure slated for demolition as a location for staff training. These properties may qualify for cost share funds, and will be addressed on a case-by-case, as needed basis. Structures identified for public safety use must be initiated by the City and not the property owner. Reimbursement will not exceed 75% of the demolition expenses, up to a maximum of $4,000.

Property Redevelopment
Property owners that wish to remove a structure to redevelop a property may be eligible for cost share funds. The improved property must be appraised by Atchison County at four times the value prior to the demolition. If this requirement is met, property owners may receive reimbursement for 10% of the demolition expenses, not to exceed $4,000.

Program Procedures

An application for reimbursement must be completed by the authorized agent for the property owner to include:

  • a cover sheet; and
  • verification that the property has been deemed unsafe and dangerous; and
  • a completed demolition permit application from the City’s Building Inspector; and
  • 3 written estimates on a form provided by the City of Atchison for qualifying demolition expenses including:
    • Demolition permit
    • Costs of demolition
      foundations, wood framing, brick or block walls, asphalt or metal roofing, drywall, insulation, plumbing, electrical or mechanical equipment,
    • Costs of earth fill, re-grading and seeding of the site
      (No reimbursement will be provided for separate expense for the removal of materials or abatement of construction materials contaminated with lead or asbestos.)

Application must be reviewed and approved by the City Code Enforcement Officer, Finance Director/Asst. City Manager, and City Manager.

  • Property owner shall receive written approval of qualifying structure and amount
    of qualifying expenses to be reimbursed from the City of Atchison.
  • The City Manager’s decision is final in approving or denying an application, and
    the total annual budget for demolition expenses will not be exceeded.

Demolition must occur within 90 days of the approved application. After completion of the demolition, owner shall submit:

  • Proof of Payment.
  • Approval from the demolition official that the site has been cleared.
  • The City will reimburse the property owner within 30 days of receipt of the proof
    of demolition and clearance from the Code Enforcement Officer.

Annually, the City Manager will provide a report to the City Commission on the use of the Demolition Cost Share Program.