An entrepreneur-oriented approach to prosperity: grow from within

The Kansas Economic Gardening Network program, enabled through our partnership with NetWork Kansas, is designed to provide significant sophisticated technical assistance to identified second stage companies that have the intent and capacity to grow their business. Selected businesses will consult with an experienced economic gardening team who will deliver economic gardening services tailored to address each business’s specific needs. The economic gardening team is comprised of individuals and organizations who provide high-end, high-speed technical assistance tools that meet the needs of companies who have moved beyond the startup phase and are ready to grow. Economic gardening embraces strategies to grow existing second-stage businesses. It is an innovative, entrepreneur-centered, economic growth strategy focused on providing tools to grow existing businesses that possess the characteristics of second-stage businesses.

Proven Success

To learn more about the Kansas Economic Gardening Network program, contact Justin Pregont at or 913-367-9317.