Effective October of 2016, the enhanced Neighborhood Revitalization Program aims to promote re-investment and re-development in Atchison’s traditional neighborhoods, including the downtown core, by rebating property tax payments back to property owners who invest or reinvest in their property.

For homeowners, this program eliminates the fear that painting your house or adding a deck will result in higher property taxes. For developers, contractors, and/or investors, more robust property tax rebates make real estate projects/investments more financially feasible.

While projects in the core of the City warrant the highest rebates, suburban or greenfield developments also come with a generous rebate schedule. Please review the full Neighborhood Revitalization Program application or call the Atchison County Appraiser’s office to learn more about the program.

Rebate Categories (Target Area)

Target Area

The areas within the solid black borders are eligible for the highest property tax rebates.