The City Clerk’s office is an extension of the City Manager’s Office. This key staff position is responsible for the city’s official records and serves as a public liaison for information related to the City and constituent services.

The City Clerk:

  • Grants city permits and licenses;
  • Certifies and maintains records of official documents;
  • Coordinates City Commission meeting agendas;
  • Coordinates legal publications;
  • Coordinates applications and Governing Body appointments to city boards and committees;
  • Processes open record (FOIA) requests;
  • Attends all Governing Body meetings and keeps record of the proceedings and official acts;
  • Support services to the Governing Body and other city departments, as needed; and
  • Serves as Executive Assistant to the City Manager.

For more information about bringing an official business item before the City Commission, contact the City Clerk at 913-367-5506.