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About This Department

The Finance Department provides accessible services to our customers and accurate information to city leaders in order to facilitate informed decision-making. We provide residents and businesses of Atchison with a city government that is financially sound and diversified, supporting the community vision of the future while meeting our current needs within available resources. We believe in excellent customer service, transparency, and responsible stewardship of public funds.

The Finance Department includes several management duties crucial to efficient and effective delivery of local public services. While many of these functions take place behind the scenes, they are fundamental to the smooth operation of other city departments.

Director of Administrative Services Joe Warren has overall authority and responsibility for the Finance Department. Duties include establishing operating guidelines, budget planning and oversight, overall supervision of department personnel, and responsibility for the quality of service provided by the Finance Department. Finance Manager Cari Strieby manages the day-to-day finance operations as well as providing key leadership in most department functions. In collaboration with the City Manager, the Director of Administrative Services provides oversight for City communications and aids in legislative relations.

Municipal Court administration and information technology oversight also fall under the Finance Department.

Finance staff coordinates:

  • Staff payroll and benefits administration
  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Budget preparation and administration
  • Asset management and purchasing activities
  • Financial planning and reporting
  • Accounts and investments
  • Accounting
  • Utility billing

Finance also administers risk management activities, which are centralized to protect city assets against property liability and loss. Staff is responsible for communicating with all departments to ensure both accountability and comprehension of budgetary limits and procurement policies.