We budget annually, estimating revenues and anticipating expenditures up to a year in advance. It takes great effort to plan that far ahead, statistically projecting future revenues, structuring how to fund public services, anticipating new mandates, providing for maintenance and improvements to streets, parks, and more … all the stuff it takes to deliver core public services to your doorstep.

Our finance team begins developing the budget as early as January. By June or July, the City Manager presents a proposed budget to the Governing Body to review and discuss. This is often preceded by a series of open public workshops where the Governing Body, the City Manager, and senior staff work together to set goals for the coming year and define what levels of service are acceptable and attainable. They also talk about the funds needed to achieve those service levels and the way in which we’ll plan for revenues to support core city services. This is an important cooperative step towards the budget’s development.

The budget is adopted each August and is effective January 1st to December 31st of the following year, our fiscal year.

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