Risk management:

  • Reduces the financial impact of claims, lawsuits, and employee injuries to the City;
  • Reduces how often and how severely we encounter these events; and
  • Provides a safe environment for employees to work and the public to enjoy.

Risk management plays a key role in freeing up dollars which would otherwise be spent on claims and related issues, making them available for other beneficial uses throughout the City.

To meet these goals, risk management focuses on five distinct areas:

Employee Disability

With the help of our third-party vendors, we oversee all aspects of the City employee work-related injury program, including the provision of high quality medical care to injured employees, claims management, and Workers’ Compensation defense litigation.

Claims Unit

Our claims specialist handles all claims for personal injury and property damage as a result of the City’s negligence. With the assistance of the appropriate department staff, we investigate all claims and evaluate their merits under the applicable law. We also maintain information about claims to be used in the City’s safety and loss control efforts.

To file a claim, contact our claims specialist Staff Accountant Cari Strieby at 913-367-5500.

Insurance and Contracts

With the aid of our legal counsel, we work to reduce the City’s exposure to liability claims and lawsuits arising from the activities and operations of independent contractors and vendors. As an example of this, to mitigate the exposure of uninsured loss to the City and its taxpayers, we are responsible for assuring that independent contractors/vendors maintain appropriate insurance in compliance with the City’s contract and permit requirements.

Safety Intervention

Thanks to our dedicated Human Resources staff, we assist with the City’s Safety Program which is responsible for evaluating and incenting the safety and health of the working environment for the City’s 100+ employees. Working together with City departments, we review potential problems with departmental operations and procedures to minimize potential risks for the city and improve safety for the City and its residents.

Loss Prevention

In partnership with City department heads, we routinely assess the security of city assets and resources, including property, inventory, material goods, and compensated time, using a battery of auditing techniques and inspection methods.