Wagner Plumbing Receives E-Community Loan for Succession Plan

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The City of Atchison’s E-Community Program is pleased to announce a new loan to Wagner Plumbing, a long standing plumbing contractor in the Atchison community.

The $18,000 in loan proceeds will help finance a transition of ownership from long time owner Mike Wagner to long time employee Jason Smith and his wife Dawn. Additional financing, which is required for all E-Community Program loans, was provided by Exchange Bank.

Since January of 2017, the Atchison E-Community Program has been offering gap financing loans for small business startups, expansions, and acquisitions. Everyday businesses like laundromats, restaurants, retail stores, and contractors can use this locally controlled, revolving loan fund as gap financing to make their small business dreams come true.

The funding for the E-Community Program is created through the sale of entrepreneurship tax credits, which are allocated to NetWork Kansas by the Kansas State Legislature.

Wagner Plumbing is the eighteenth E-community loan processed by the City of Atchison since January of 2017. Those eighteen loans total over $825,000 in gap financing to support small business development in the Atchison community.

To learn more about the E-Community Program, contact Justin Pregont with the City of Atchison at justinp@cityofatchison.com or 913-367-5506.

Photo: Jason and Dawn Smith

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