City Announces 2018 Curb/Sidewalk Cost Share Program

Summary: In the City of Atchison, sidewalk improvements are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner. While the City will sometimes undertake projects without the financial participation [...]

Water Towers: Rehab & Repaint

Summary: All five of the City’s water tower structures are made of steel and  coated with paint to prevent undue rust and deterioration. Starting in 2017, one water tower each year will [...]

New E-Community Loan Approved for Lutz Brothers Oil to Upgrade Fuel Pumps

Atchison, KS – The City of Atchison’s E-Community Program has approved a new loan to Lutz Brothers Oil, LLC. The $28,633 in loan proceeds will fund a project upgrading fuel pumps, outdoor payment [...]

US-73 Resurfacing

Summary: This project will mill and overlay US-73 from the intersection with US-59 to the southern city limits. This project will mill and overlay all existing asphalt, but will not disturb the [...]

8th Street Reopens at Commercial

Work on the 800 Commercial Streetscape Project has fully transitioned into Phase 2, meaning the 700 block of Commercial Street is completely open to through traffic, including north/south 8th [...]

700 Block of Commercial Re-Opens to Traffic/Parking

Work on the 800 Commercial Streetscape Project has mostly transitioned to Phase 2, meaning vehicular traffic can now access the on-street parking and storefronts along the 700 block of Commercial [...]

Downtown Project Beginning Transition to Phase 2

Work on the 800 Commercial Streetscape Project will soon begin a transition period between Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the project. There will be changes to the traffic, access, and street closures in [...]

City Releases Video Promoting E-Community Small Business Loan Program

The City of Atchison has released a new video promoting the Atchison E-Community Small Business Loan Program. The video features recent downtown startups Muddy River Guitars, a retail guitar and [...]

Historic Bridge Unearthed During Downtown Project

Shortly after starting work on the 800 Commercial Streetscape Project, workers uncovered a sizable underground void  near the intersection of 7th and Commercial in downtown Atchison. While in the [...]

Downtown Traffic Safety & Parking Survey

The City of Atchison has published an online survey to collect public feedback regarding a series of traffic safety and parking concerns in downtown Atchison, including the use of all-way stops, [...]