Business Licenses & Permits

If you’re involved in one of the following professions, you must get a permit from City Hall in order to lawfully to do business in Atchison. In addition to licensure, construction projects may require a construction permit.

Requirements vary. Let us help you secure a professional license at 913-367-5500.

Event Permits

If you plan to host one of the following events or an event at one of the following locations, you must get a public event permit from City Hall.

  •      Block Party Permit
  •      Parade Permit
  •      Downtown Mall Event Permit
  •      Carnival/Circus Permit
  •      4th & Main Parking Lot Event Permit
  •      Farmer’s Market Permit
  •      Flea Market Permit
  •      Riverfront Park Event Permit

Fees vary. Let us help you get the right permit for your event at 913-367-5500.