Quick Information

The City of Atchison provides weekly trash collection and bi-weekly recycling collection for all residents within city limits.

  • Have your cart(s) at the curb by 7:00 am
  • Allow 3 feet between your cart(s) and other objects
  • Household hazardous wastes, such as paint, antifreeze, and pool chemicals must be disposed of through Atchison County’s disposal program. Information available here.
  • Try to fit all trash/recycling inside the cart
  • Please bag all trash do NOT bag recyclables
  • Reduce your household’s trash by signing up for recycling!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I recycle?

Click here to find out what is acceptable in the recycling stream.

What is the glass recycling program?

A series of glass only recycling drop-off bins are available for use by the Atchison community at the following locations:

  • The Farmer’s Market (4th & Main)
  • The First Baptist Church (17th and W. Riley)
  • The Wal-Mart parking lot (south of the building)
  • St. Benedict’s Catholic School gravel parking lot (3rd & Division)

Ripple Glass, the Kansas City-based glass recycler, furnished the paint and decals to properly label and brand the bins as “glass only”. Student volunteers from Benedictine College’s Green Club painted the dumpsters “Ripple Glass Purple”.

Visit RippleGlass FAQs for more information.

What do I do about yard waste or bulky items?

We provide complimentary special pick-up every week by appointment. Schedule a special collection here!

We provide complimentary special pick-up every week by appointment:

  • Special yard waste collections are scheduled for Tuesdays and need to be placed in biodegradable (paper) bags or hard sided containers. To get on the list for Tuesday yard waste collection, please call the City Shop (367-5561) by 3:30 on Monday afternoon.
  • Bulky household items and white goods (appliances) are scheduled for Thursdays. To get on the list for Thursday bulky goods collection, please call the City Shop (367-5561) by 3:30 on Wednesday afternoon.

All items must be placed at the curb on the front of the property by 7:00 am on the scheduled day.

Do you offer specialty trash/recycling services for elderly and/or disabled customers?

We’re happy to provide a premium level of service for our disabled and/or elderly residents. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from getting the cart to and from the curb on trash day, call our Public Works Help Line at 913-367-5561.

Questions & Feedback

Service Questions:

Call our Public Works Help Line at 913-367-5561 and let us know how we can serve you better.

Billing Questions:

City water, wastewater, and CSO services are conveniently bundled on one monthly bill. Contact our customer service representatives at 913-367-5500 with questions about your bill.


If you have any feedback on city (residential) trash service, commercial trash service, county transfer station, recycling, customer service, etc., we’d like to hear from you. Send an email to trash@cityofatchison.com  and follow us on Facebook for updates.