Who do I call to file a nuisance complaint?

If the “nuisance” is an issue with someone not keeping up their property (like high weeds, abandoned house, junk cars, etc.) contact the Community Development Office at 913-367-5560 or curtisw@cityofatchison.com.

If the nuisance is of a criminal nature (like a loud party, a threatening individual, etc.) call the Police non-emergency line at 913-367-4323.

How do I get a building permit?

Contact our Community Development Office at 913-367-5560.

Who do I call for a special trash pick-up?

Contact the Public Works Shop at 913-367-5561.

How do I know what day my trash gets picked-up?

Call us at 913-367-5561 with your address. We’re happy to help! Check out the Solid Waste and Recycling page to view the latest Solid Waste/Recycling calendar .

What time does Municipal Court begin on Wednesdays?

Municipal Court begins at 7:30 a.m. Make whatever arrangements or plans you need to make to get yourself to court by 7:30 a.m. when roll is called.

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City Engineer

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Community Development

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(913) 367-5500

Public Works

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(913) 367-4329 (main)

Municipal Court

(913) 367-9900

Animal Control

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Human Resources


City Attorney

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City Clerk

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City Commission

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