Open Burning Laws

Time Period :: Controlled Open Burning for certain organic materials is permitted twelve (12) months out of the year.

Items That Can Be Burned :: Bio-organics such as yard, field & garden wastes like grass clippings, leaves, tree trimmings, weeds & wheat, corn, milo & forage & stubble may be burned. It is against the law to burn other items.

Precautions To Be Taken :: You must notify Atchison Fire Department at 913-367-4329 before you burn.

Burning must take place at least (40) feet from any building, under close supervision, & may be conducted from dawn to dusk. In addition, burning shall be restricted to periods when surface wind speed is not more than (15) fifteen miles per hour.

The Chief of the Atchison Fire Department can prohibit burning for a period of time during drought conditions if he/she deems that such a practice would be extremely hazardous.

Questions? Call us at 913-367-4329