Pay With Bank Draft

Never have late fees again! Pay by automatic bank debit.

Download and complete the Bank Draft Authorization and return it to our offices with a voided check (to verify account information).

Terms and Conditions:

By submitting application for automatic bank draft, I agree to the following terms and conditions:

I, the account holder, will have my monthly utility bill automatically withdrawn from my checking/savings account the day before my bill is due. The City will continue to mail me a statement that shows the amount and the due date in which the payment will be deducted.

I, the account holder, may designate an amount that my automatic withdraw cannot exceed due to an abnormal utility bill. I will contact the Utility office at 913-367-5500 within 10 days of receiving my statement to report an abnormality.

If my automatic withdrawal is returned due to insufficient funds, my account will be charged for the amount of my monthly bill, in addition to a fee of $5.00 that is nonrefundable. The Utility office will contact me inform me of the insufficient funds. I will need to come to the Utility office and make that month’s payment.

The automatic payment authorization may be terminated at any time by the account holder, the financial institution, or the City of Atchison. The termination must be in writing and done 10 days prior to the due date. These terms and conditions will remain in effect until such notice is given to the account holder.

Questions? Contact our customer service specialists at 913-367-5500.

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