Rolling Usage Graph: This graph begins with the current month’s usage. It shows the customers usage for the last 13 months. The letters represented are the first letter of the month being displayed.

Service Dates: Displays the dates for which service was used.

Last Payment & Payment Date: Displays the amount of the last payment that was made and what date it was received.

Account Activity: Displays last month’s meter reading and the current month’s meter reading. Your usage is calculated by subtracting the current reading from the previous reading. The usage is displayed in cubic feet. To figure your usage in gallons, take the usage X 7.5. Example: 301 X 7.5= 2258 gallons.

Current Charges: Displays the charges individually. Those charges being Water, Wastewater (sewer), solid waste collection (trash pick-up) and SWP (state water protection fee paid to the state), and tax.

Balance Forward: If last month’s payment was not made, it is carried forward here.

Total Due: Displays the total due if paid by the due date. If the payment is made after the due date, fees and penalties are applied and that amount due is shown below the actual payment amount.