Does the City have any restrictions on the kinds of animals that can live in city limits?


Yes, ownership of the following animals is prohibited within city limits:

  • Swine
  • Cattle
  • Mules
  • Horses
  • Goats
  • Sheep
  • Poultry (except chickens, which are allowed on a limited basis with an approved city permit)
  • Bees
  • Or any other animal commonly regarded as farm or ranch animals or that are used or raised to produce commodities such as food, fiber, or labor for subsistence or profit

An exception is made for property that is on tracts of two acres of more which are zoned for agricultural purposes. Except at an organized sale or registered auction facility for the purposes of sale.

An exception is also made for livestock that is under the care of a licensed veterinarian at the veterinarian’s clinic or animal hospital.