Why are property taxes so high?


Atchison’s city property tax rate is middle of the pack for its peer cities in Kansas. Taxes aren’t so low that they jeopardize public services, but they aren’t so high that they unfairly burden the taxpayer. If you are comparing tax rates city-to-city, make sure you’re looking at taxes per capita to get the true apples-to-apples comparison. The tax rate alone is only relative to the valuation of the property and the spread of taxpayers.  For example, Overland Park has a very low tax rate, but a taxpayer in Overland Park pays more in city taxes than an Atchison taxpayer because the value of the property is higher overall.  Also, be clear on what you’re comparing – are you comparing the city-only tax burden or the total tax burden from all the local taxing entities in that community?

City leadership is constantly analyzing and evaluating whether city services meet the community’s needs, and whether all revenue streams are balanced and adequate to support the levels of services that citizens expect.  If you have an opinion about it, please share it with us.  We appreciate feedback from the citizens we are here to serve.