Fetch & Stretch Dog Park

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Fetch & Stretch Dog Park is Atchison’s first off-leash dog park. Built on the site of the old 14th & Laramie softball field, Fetch & Stretch Dog Park features a fenced in area open to all dogs and a ‘safe zone’ for small dogs only. Other amenities include water hydrants, park benches, trees and a walking trail. There are also plenty of fun things for the dogs to play on including ramps, tire climbs, tunnels, fire hydrants and more.

For the health and safety of the dogs, owners are required to register their dogs as members of the dog park. To register, owners may visit one of the three local vet clinics where they will verify that your dog(s) has the required vaccinations. The membership costs $10.00 for the first dog and $2.50 per additional dogs. For example, to register three dogs, the cost of membership would be $15.00. It should be noted that this fee does not cover vaccinations if required. The membership fee is a one-time cost. Dog owners will sign a user agreement and be issued a special blue tag for each dog. These tags should be displayed while the dog(s) visits the park.

If you have any questions regarding this location, please contact the City Shop at 913-367-5561.