Friends of the Parks

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The City of Atchison Public Works Department’s Friends of the Parks program enables community groups and individuals to assist with fundamental parks maintenance activities and helping to keep Atchison’s parks safe and clean.

Volunteers (Friends) may choose an available park or area to befriend or they can be assigned by staff. Friends are then asked to identify 2-4 dates throughout the year to organize cleanup days for their parks. Friends are asked to coordinate these dates with department staff so that necessary arrangements can be made in terms of making supplies available and accommodating trash disposal.

Public Works will provide trash bags and disposable gloves, which upon prior arrangement can be picked up at the City Shop – 1801 Main St. Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Each group will be issued a safety checklist and protocol; however, other hazards may be encountered so adult supervision (18 years or older) is required for Friends groups involving children aged 14 and under.

Interested in becoming a Friend of the Parks? Fill out this Form and click Submit. You may contact the City Shop at 913-367-5561 in advance to determine which park areas are still available.

Park friendships are first-come, first-served and will reset on January 1st each year. Forms will be accepted after January 1st.

After March 1st each year, Friends will be allowed to befriend additional park areas if still available. Potential park friendships are as follows:

  • Independence Park (Riverfront North of Atchison St)
  • Veterans Memorial Park (Riverfront South of Atchison St)
  • Jackson Park (Facilities & Open Areas West of the Gates)
  • Jackson Park (Open areas & roadways East of the Gates)
  • Jackson Park (Trails)
  • Warnock Lake
  • Community Lakes 1-3
  • Community Lakes 4, 6 & 7
  • Community Lakes 8, 9 & 24
  • Reisner Park
  • Bromley Park
  • LFM Park
  • Fetch & Stretch Dog Park
  • Millard Allen Ball Park
  • Walt Wilburn Ball Park
  • South Atchison Trail

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