2017 Downtown Street Light Upgrades

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Summary: This project will replace the old traffic signal poles at 5th & Kansas as well as 6th & Kansas with new concrete street light poles, made right here in Atchison by the Stresscrete Group. The new poles are also equipped with new LED roadway lighting fixtures. The project is a collaboration between Westar Energy, the City of Atchison, and Stresscrete. When complete, every light on Kansas Avenue between 4th Street and 6th Street will feature a Stresscrete pole with an LED light fixture.

Cost: The City’s portion of the project is approximately $15,000.

Funding: Westar is covering the cost of one Stresscrete pole, 6 LED light fixture conversions, and the labor to install the new light poles. The City is covering the cost of four Stresscrete poles, 5 LED light fixtures, and concrete demolition & restoration.

Location: Kansas Avenue (4th Street to 6th Street)

Contractor: Stresscrete (poles), Concrete (TBD)

Status: Construction and Installation

Construction Start Date: Spring 2017

Completion Date: Summer 2017