Police Dept. Renovation Project

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Summary: The renovation of the Police Department involves the remodeling of 2,800 square feet of space on the first floor of City Hall plus the addition of about 2,000 square feet of new construction on the north side of the facility.

The renovation phase of the project would reconstruct rooms and offices that would accommodate the Police Chief, Patrol Officers, Patrol Sergeant, Patrol Commander, Records, Investigation Commander,  Detectives, Interview Rooms, Conference Room, Special Response Team, and storage.  The new construction phase of the project would add secure garage and evidence storage space on the north side of the City Hall facility.

Changes in state law in recent years have placed additional compliance requirements on Police Departments in Kansas, most specifically a new requirement that all interviews be video recorded and stored. The number one priority of this project is to ensure compliance with state law.

Second, this project aims to create a more safe and security Police Department facility. As witnesses and suspects are brought in for questioning, the current facility creates logistical challenges for ensuring privacy and in some cases anonymity of those individuals. The project also produces an opportunity to rethink how access to the facility is managed to ensure a safe and secure department.

Third, this project is intended to offer garage space to allow for safe and secure investigations and searches of vehicles as well as private and in some cases anonymous entrance into the Police Department facility.

Cost: About $850,000

Funding: This project is unilaterally funded by the City of Atchison.

Location: Atchison Police Department

Contractors: Herner Construction

Status: Pre-construction

Construction Start Date: April 2019

Completion Date: Summer/Fall 2019