2017 Stormwater Projects

 In Stormwater

Summary: The City of Atchison has over 100 linear miles of sewer and/or stormwater lines in the ground. Some of those lines are over 100 years old and in surprisingly good shape, while others are chronically undersized and plugged. This annual program is set aside to address stormwater issues.

Cost: To preserve the integrity of the bidding process, we avoid publishing detailed  estimates prior to the bidding process.

Funding: This project will be entirely funded by the City of Atchison Wastewater CSO CIP. This line item is budgeted annually at $150,000.

Location: Various, including 2nd & Greentree, 2nd & Laramie, 6th & U, Woodlawn Avenue, 4th & Green, Main & Woodlawn, etc…

Contractor: Various, including S&R Betts Construction, Pruett Construction, MCON, L&L Construction, Bottorff Construction, etc…

Status: Construction

Construction Start Date: 2017

Completion Date: 2018


2nd  & Greentree During Construction


2nd & Greentree After Completion


Inlet Top Replacement on Woodlawn Avenue



Grate Inlet Improvement at 7th & U Street




New Inlets at 2nd and Laramie