Biotower Trickling Filter Rehab

 In Wastewater

Summary: In order to meet state and federal water quality regulations, the City of Atchison operates a Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) located south of Jackson Park and Bartlett Grain. Each of the series of wastewater treatment processes that occur at the WWTP are critical for meeting water quality regulations. Just one of the two existing biotower trickling filters is functional, meaning any issues with the single operating tower could result in failure to meet regulatory water quality standards. This project aims to rehabilitate the non-functioning biotower to achieve optimal performance and appropriate redundancy.

Cost: Because of the nature of this project, the City is proceeding with a design/build procurement strategy. At the 6/19/17 City Commission meeting, a contract was awarded to CAS Water Partners in the amount of $582,000.

Funding: This project will be entirely funded by the City of Atchison’s Wastewater CSO CIP.

Location: WWTP

Contractor: CAS Water Partners

Status: Complete

Construction Start Date: Fall 2017

Completion Date: March 2018