Ridge Rd. Water Main Replacement

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Summary: The City of Atchison has over 100 linear miles of water mains, another 50 miles of water service lines, about 1200 water valves, 4,000 water meters, 600 fire hydrants, a half a dozen pump stations, five water towers, and a 2 milion gallon storage tank. That infrastructure requires regular maintenance and replacement.

Some of the water mains and valves are over 100 years old and in surprisingly good shape, while others, mostly the small, galvanized water mains installed in the 1950’s and 1960’s, are chronic problems for our staff. This annual water main program aims to replace the problematic small water mains and/or valves throughout the City.

Cost: About $50,000

Funding: This project will be entirely funded by the City of Atchison. The annual budget for water main projects is $50,000.

Location: Ridge Rd (13th to Sunset Place). Previous year’s have seen small water main projects in the locations below:

    • 21st Street (Main to Birch) – 2014
    • 13th Street (Atchison to Laramie) – 2015
    • K7 (Harper Drive to Liberty Lane) – 2016
    • Ridge Rd (13th to Sunset Place) – 2017

Contractor: Engemann Drainage

Status: Complete

Construction Start Date: March 2018

Completion Date: Spring 2018