West Tower Repainting Project

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Beginning the week of October 7th and ending about six weeks later, McGuire Iron, a Water Tower maintenance company working on behalf of the City, will be performing a painting project to the interior and exterior of the City of Atchison’s West Water Tower. This type of work is normal, necessary, and planned.  The tower helps balance the pressures in the immediate area around the tower, as well as helping to supply a steady volume of water to Rural Water District #5. Staff has been, and will continue to be in, regular communication with RWD #5 staff, for the duration of the project.

Water customers may notice some abnormal pressure at their homes and businesses in the general area of the tower. The area impacted is roughly bounded by Grandeur Road to the east, Shannon Industrial Park (Lincoln Road) to the west, 306th Road to the north, and 274th Road to the south. This tower is located just to the NW of the intersection of County Club and Pratt Roads.

Every precaution is being taken so that the tower will be out of service for as little time as possible. The City has invested in major pumping upgrades in the past few years at the VFW pump station and we have also added a new South Tank Pump station, which we are hopeful will be able to compensate for any lower than normal pressures.

If customers notice anything of a significant nature, or if you have any questions, please contact the Public Works Shop at 913-367-5561.

Summary: All five of the City’s water tower structures are made of steel and  coated with paint to prevent undue rust and deterioration. Starting in 2017, one water tower each year will undergo comprehensive maintenance and repair followed by a repainting.

Funding: 100% City of Atchison Water Fund

Location: South Tower (Water Treatment Plant Campus), West Tower (near the intersection of Country Club & Pratt Rd.), North Tower (Riverbend International School Campus), 4th & M Tower (near Benedictine College), and Shannon Tower (Shannon Industrial Park).

Contractor: Maguire Iron

Status: Construction / Maintenance

Construction Start Date:

Safety/Sanitation Upgrades: February 2017 (Completed)

South Tower Recoating: December 2017 (Completed)

West Tower Recoating: Fall 2018 (Pre-construction)

4th & M Tower Recoating: 2019

North Tower Recoating: 2020

Shannon Tower Recoating: 2021

Completion Date: Maguire Iron has completed a series of safety improvements at all 5 water towers and has completed repairing and repainting the South Tower (shown below). Final completion of the full scope of work will not be until 2021.