Dam 17 and Dam 19 Rehabilitation

 In Watershed Dams

Summary: Following the twin floods of 1958, the Atchison community constructed a series of 25 watershed protection dams. Those dam structures remain in service to this day, although some of the operating infrastructure (valves, stems, pipes, etc…) are nearly 60 years old and require maintenance/repair/replacement.

Each dam involved in this project has a drawdown valve used to drain the body of water retained. The drawdown valves have become seized and leaky, which no longer allows the water to be drained as it was designed. This project will replace the seized drawdown valves and the drawdown pipes that leads the water to the valve to restore the original function of the dam.


Cost: About $88,000

Funding: The City of Atchison manages the Watershed Dams on behalf of the Watershed District Board. The Watershed District is funding 100% of this project.

Location:  Dam 17 and Dam 19 (off U.S. 59 west of the City limits)

Contractor: M Con LLC

Status: Complete

Construction Start Date: Winter 2016/2017

Completion Date: Winter 2017


Dam 19