River Road Reconstruction – Phase One Completion

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Atchison – Atchison County crews are nearing completion of the first phase of construction on the joint city/county River Road reconstruction project which began in late April. The upper layers of the road were milled off, and new rock was hauled in and compacted. The elevation of the road was raised to minimize problematic low spots, and additional culverts were added to address water issues caused by several natural springs located along the bluff in addition to installing numerous sections of drainage tile and cleaning out roadside ditches.

The second phase of construction is expected to begin in late summer or early fall, coinciding with the County’s chip seal operations. The affected portion of River Road will temporarily be left as a rock road throughout the summer months while County crews work through their asphalt season.

Once the chip seal season commences, the project area of River Road will receive a series of chip seal applications including a top coat of haydite rock, a processed selection of minerals known for its durability and dust-control properties.

The chip seal applications on River Road are expected to be completed within two weeks of the beginning of the County’s chip seal season following a brief, additional round of preparatory road grading and compacting as needed.