Fire Department Offers In-Home Safety Audits

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The Atchison Fire Department is now offering in-home safety inspections at the request of our citizens. These inspections will cover a variety of in-home safety for typical household hazards such as carbon monoxide, gas leaks and electrical hazards. We will also inspect for other common hazards such as tripping obstacles and other obstructions to help prevent injury or exiting due to a fire.  We will also check smoke detector operation or provide a detector to homeowners.

Smoke detectors are made available to homeowners at no charge. If you rent, landlords are required by law to provide smoke detectors.


We will also inspect features that would hinder a quick response by Police, Fire or EMS when responding to an emergency. Checking for clearly marked address numbers, clear paths and other hazards that emergency crews might encounter.


Other issues we will check, especially where elderly or children reside, are expired and secured medications, proper storage of hazardous chemicals, furniture stability, kitchen appliance usage & safety, proper lighting and creating an emergency plan in the event of a fire or weather-related event.

This service is offered at no fee and is available to any citizen and any property in which they reside, whether they own or rent.


To request this service please call the Atchison Fire Department at 913-367-4329