Atchison Water Gets Passing Grade

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The Kansas Department of Health and Environment released its annual Consumer Confidence Report, covering water safety standards for 2021. Atchison was recognized as having safe water based on KDHE and EPA standards.

“The bottom line is that the water that is provided to you is safe,” the report reads. The report is addressed to the public.

City of Atchison staff continually monitor the water, testing it consistently and often to ensure that it has been adequately filtered and cleaned. Atchison sources its water from the Missouri River, which creates many challenges. The goal is safe water for drinking and many other residential and commercial uses. For 2021, Atchison’s water met those standards.

The report shares testing results from various collection dates. Atchison is required by law to report to the public any instances of violations when they occur, and there were no violations throughout 2021.

There are 6 members of the city staff responsible for water quality efforts, and they have a combined 97 years of experience.

“The skill and dedication of the crew at our water treatment facility makes this achievement possible,” City Manager Amy Finch said. “They work tirelessly to provide safe water for all of Atchison.”

The entire report can be viewed at: