Commercial Street Mall Remodel on Tuesday Agenda

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A KDOT cost share program grant agreement that would lead to the opening of the 500-600 blocks of Commercial Street to vehicle traffic is one of many items on Tuesday’s City Commission agenda.

The cost share program is special funding that KDOT made available through a grant process this past summer. The city’s successful application will utilize about $1.45 million in state funds for the approximately $2 million Mall remodel project. The project would put a through street and parking where the mall currently sits, while also creating a finished streetscape that would match the 100-300 and 700-800 blocks of Commercial Street.

“We would still be able to block off the street for special events and the design of the remodel should allow for consistent pedestrian and social access to those blocks,” Assistant City Manager Justin Pregont said. “Opening the blocks to traffic and parking is important for economic development, making it more likely to see real estate investment and increased commercial traffic at natural storefronts.”

A vote to approve the cost share program agreement would set the project in motion.

Other action on the agenda includes appointments to the Park and Forestry Board, a proposal to convert the 800-900 blocks of Parallel Street from brick to asphalt, approval of the 2020 Legislative Policy, routine replacement of three police department vehicles, an ordinance updated Oak Hill Cemetery policies, an update to the airport capital improvement plan and ordinances updating and establishing building codes.

To view the full agenda for January 21, please visit:

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday in the City Commission Room. The meeting was moved from its normal Monday date because of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.