Housing Study to Help City Identify Needs

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The City of Atchison has commissioned a housing study by the consulting firm Novogradac in an effort to better understand the Atchison housing market.

The study will look at many housing issues, from single family owner-occupied to multi-unit rentals. City staff hopes to better understand housing shortages and challenges the private sector is facing with new construction, remodels and neighborhood development.

“The better we know our housing market, the better we can work to address housing shortages and challenges,” City Manager Becky Berger said. “This study should help us shape our strategy when it comes to existing programs and incentives and any potential gaps that we might have in the local market place.”

Assistant City Manager Justin Pregont said Novogradac comes with an impressive resume in helping cities understand housing issues. He wanted to let local business owners, property owners and community leaders know that they could be contacted as the study is in process.

“Novogradac has done great work with other cities in Kansas – Pittsburg, for example,” Pregont said. “We encourage the community to participate in this study as much as possible, if contacted.”

The study should distinguish the strengths and weaknesses of the Atchison housing market, with potential opportunities that City staff might take advantage of when addressing weaknesses.

For more information please contact Joe Warren at (913) 367-5500 or joew@cityofatchison.com.