Ord. Nos. 6638 & 6639 Available in Full for Public Review

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The City has adopted two new Ordinances–6638 & 6639–establishing new procedures for abating weed (noxious vegetation) and nuisance issues.

The full ordinances can be accessed here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lVUZFsW5vIzUQ7FlKfHCTm0CQ5r_uHI2/view?usp=sharing and https://drive.google.com/file/d/1a9yVptu4FnXTPoZI4XV6Uh2K3cr5uH3s/view?usp=sharing.

As previously written, the current weeds ordinances were treated no different from any other nuisance issues. Yet, weeds are treated differently by state statutes regarding required notification.

The new ordinances separate Weeds – and all Noxious Vegetation – from other types of nuisances. The changes also establish a defined due process for appealing a weeds notice, as well as allow for multiple properties within the city to be grouped if they are separated only by inactive streets for the purposes of the perimeter mowing exception that currently exists.

For any questions, please contact Joe Warren at joew@cityofatchison.com or 913-367-5506.