Atchison Police Department finding success with female officers

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For the first time in the history of the Atchison Police Department, there are three female police officers on duty. According to Chief Mike Wilson, they are three of the best you’ll find anywhere.

Master Patrol Officer Whitney Wagner is a graduate of Missouri Western State University with a degree in criminal justice and is originally from the Jefferson County area; Officer Nicole Maendele grew up in Atchison and is an eight-year Army veteran who was a military intelligence analyst reaching the rank of sergeant; Officer Katie Brown is from St. Joseph, Missouri, and began her career with the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Department after graduating from the Missouri Western Regional Police Academy and has 13 years experience.

“We look for good officers, period,” Wilson said. “That we have found three good officers who happen to be female makes us a better department.”

Wilson said the three female officers fit in well with the rest of the squad, and he likes the fact that his department can contribute strong female role models to carry on the tradition of women in leadership that Atchison is known for.

“Going back to Amelia Earhart and the Benedictine Sisters who had a presence in our city’s formative years, we have a rich tradition of strong women in Atchison,” City Manager Becky Berger said. “It’s important that our society understands the value of having diverse leadership across genders and races. I’m proud that we can carry that tradition forward.”