Crime Continues Downward Trend in Atchison

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Overall crime was down by 8% in 2019, continuing its trend from the prior year when it was down 19%, as the Atchison Police Department continues to impact local public safety.

There were no homicides in 2019, with two shooting investigations that both led to arrests. Other crimes rates that were impressive included vehicle thefts, down 33% from 2018, criminal damage to property down 11%, injury traffic accidents down 28%, and burglaries – which were steady, near the all-time record low rate from the year before.

“Our officers are doing their jobs, having a presence, connecting with the community and having success investigating the crimes that do occur,” Atchison Police Chief Mike Wilson said. “We couldn’t be prouder of this department.”

Most impressive was the Atchison PD clearance rate. Of the 1,271 criminal cases in 2019, 1,079 were cleared, an 85% clearance rate. APD’s clearance rate in 2018 was 78%. For comparison, the highest average national clearance rate is 64% for murder cases.

“Our police department is highly successful because they care about the residents they serve,” City Manager Becky Berger said. “It shows in their day-to-day actions and it shows in the success they have maintaining law and order in Atchison.”

For more information and a comprehensive list of Atchison crime statistics, the 2019 Annual Police Report is available here.