Why didn’t the city act on my anonymous personnel complaint?

 In Rumors

I recently sent you an anonymous complaint about a person connected to the city and absolutely nothing was done about my concerns. If I don’t see some improvements soon, I’m going to send a letter to the editor to let the whole town know the city knew about this and did nothing! And this time I’m going to sign my name!

Good, we encourage you to. The reality is – unless it’s an anonymous tip to the police department about criminal activity – we cannot act on anonymous personnel complaints. They’re simply not actionable. Without a way to follow-up with you, we don’t have all the information we need to take action, if necessary.

Public services belong to us all and everyone is encouraged to give feedback. Follow us on Facebook , email us, call us, or write us a good old fashioned letter. Your complaint will be treated in confidence, if that’s your wish. Just help us help you and let us know who’s expressing the concern.