Is this true the City can have campaign signs removed from properties?

 In Rumors

The City has no authority to order any campaign signs to be moved or removed,unless they are located on city property. Any right-of-way that adjoins private property is not considered city property. The only campaign sign regulations the city enforces are that they must stay off of city property and signs located on private property cannot obstruct any sight lines on roadways.

The Kansas Legislature passed a new state law in 2015 that makes it easier for political signs to show up in all areas across Kansas. According to K.S.A.  25-2711, “no city or county shall regulate or prohibit the placement of or the number of political signs on private property or the unpaved right-of-way for city streets or county roads on private property during the 45-day period prior to any election and the two-day period following any election. For safety reasons, cities and counties have the power to regulate the size and set-back distance of the placement of signs to avoid impeding sight lines or sight distance. “

Please get permission from private property owners before placing any campaign signs on their property.