Is it true that fighting a recent house fire was made more difficult because of a non-working fire hydrant?

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What assurances do I have that the hydrant across from my home is in working order?

It is true that the nearest hydrant to a recent house fire was not operational, but this in no way affected the Fire Department’s ability to fight the fire. The Fire Department is notified when a hydrant is placed out of service. It is recorded in the maps carried on each apparatus and is also on a continuous computer display in the department. The on duty crew that responded to this fire was aware that the closest hydrant was out of service and adjusted accordingly and without incident.

We have 567 fire hydrants throughout the city of Atchison and only two were listed as out of service at the time of the fire. That particular hydrant was struck by a vehicle and plans for its repair were underway.

The Utilities Department tests every single hydrant in the city annually to ensure proper operation and adequate flow. We take citizen safety very seriously and are well prepared to effectively respond to fire emergencies throughout the city. We hope this information reassures you that your safety and security is our number one priority in providing emergency services.