Why is the City making the senior center move?!

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Nobody’s making anybody move anywhere. The deal is: The City owns a lot of older, deteriorating buildings like City Hall, the Conference Center, and the Project Concern building. Some buildings are out of space while others have maybe too much.
Wanting to be good stewards of public facilities, the City Commission asked the City Manager to have an architect examine our use of these three buildings and make some recommendations for best use of space.
Realizing that it is possible that the patrons at Project Concern could be impacted (possible – not certain), the City Commission asked the City Manager to visit with Project Concern to keep them in the loop and get feedback on potential scenarios including leaving them right where they are, moving them into part of City Hall, or moving them to the Conference Center.
All plans would remodel the space to meet every need and be an improvement over the comfort and condition of the current building. Nonetheless, no one’s advocating one idea over another yet– we just want to have a conversation about it.
The good news is: Everyone’s talking about it! We’re hearing lots and lots of feedback about people’s feelings on this. It’s a good thing, talking about what we want is democracy at work … it’s community at work.Keep the opinions coming so that if and when anything is discussed or decided, it’ll truly represent the best interest of all taxpayers.

The City of Atchison is committed to open and honest communication with residents, business owners, stakeholders, and staff. Truthful, reliable information is the foundation of this commitment.

We take rumors seriously. When spread unchecked, they chip away at the level of confidence that community members have in their local government and damage morale within the organization.