Is the city contracting out trash service?

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Why would you get rid of something that works great? Are the other companies still going to do special pick-ups, doorside service for the elderly, etc.?And if you’re doing away with city trash, what about the city jobs?
Those are local people with families, you know. I’m just concerned because it feels like we customers haven’t been given a chance to voice our opinions.

Great questions, here’s the low down: There’ve been no changes to your residential trash service provided by the city and none are planned in the near future. (Commercial trash is currently open to private haulers, so you may be seeing those trucks as usual throughout town.)

What you might be hearing about is our project with the county to study countywide solid waste solutions … The city’s residential trash service is just one part of the conversation and our consultant began studying it at the end of November by seeing the operations first hand.

The project’s just started and we have many months to go, but we promise that we’ll continue to prioritize and consider: great customer service including elderly/disabled care, special pick-ups, curbside recycling, the 6+ city jobs this involves, and more.

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