Why’d the city shut-down the only cab company in town?!

 In Rumors

Despite stories to the contrary, it’s not true that the city “shut down the cab company.”

After becoming aware of some real-life incidences of concern, the city passed an ordinance (a local law) that said any cab company that wants to operate in this community has to 1) have adequate insurance to cover its business liabilities and 2) background-check employees to ensure sex offenders aren’t hired as drivers.

Instead of meeting these basic requirements, the cab company in service when the ordinance was passed chose to shut down operations. It’s an unfortunate outcome for the time being, but we’re aware of a local individual who is currently working to open up a transportation service that will meet these minimum protections for its customers.

If you’re interested in opening a cab company – or any other business venture in town – get in touch with our Community Development Director Stephanie Leif at (913) 367-5560. She’s got some valuable information on joining our business community and she can point you towards great resources for entrepreneurs.