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City Government

The City of Atchison is a municipal corporation led by a CEO (the City Manager), helmed by a democratically chosen Board of Directors (the City Commission), and staffed by about 110 professionals that are proud to call the people of Atchison their family, friends, and neighbors.

Our mission is to apply business-like principles to the values of public services to get a great community built on quality neighborhoods and engaged individuals.

The "products" made by our "company" include water, wastewater service, residential trash collection, public safety services of police and fire protection, streets, parks, support for tourism amenities, community planning and enforcement of property standards, and the management services that make all of this happen.

We are committed to providing our customers with accessible, professional local government services. We stand at the ready. Let us know how we can help.

A complete list of City boards & commissions is also available.

City Commission(913) 367-5506
City Manager(913) 367-5506
City Clerk(913) 367-5506
City Attorney(913) 367-5500
Finance(913) 367-5500
Human Resources(913) 367-5500
Police(913) 367-5525
Animal Control(913) 367-5530
Municipal Court(913) 367-5515
Fire(913) 367-4329
Public Works(913) 367-5561
Utilities(913) 367-5500
Community Development(913) 367-5560
Economic Development(913) 367-5506
City Engineer(913) 367-5500
Oak Hill Cemetery(913) 367-5500
Amelia Earhart Memorial Airport(913) 367-5249
Named for the famous aviator and Atchison native, K59 airport is situated just outside the major airspace of Kansas City International Airport, also offering an attractive alternative to controlled civilian/military airports in Leavenworth and St. Joseph.The airport is located one mile west of city limits, less than a five minute drive to beautiful downtown Atchison.
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