City of Atchison and USD 409 Announce Strategies for Safety Around AMS

Following a collaborative meeting between representatives of the City of Atchison and USD 409, consensus emerges regarding the importance of slowing vehicle traffic and making continued [...]

AMS West Sidewalks Project Kicks Off

This project will construct and/or replace the east/west sidewalk corridors in the neighborhood immediately west of Atchison Middle School. The project is focused between 6th & 12th Street as [...]

800 Commercial Streetscape Project

This project will reconstruct the 800 block of Commercial Street using the same streetscape concepts (street trees, benches, pedestrian lights) as the 300, 400, and 700 blocks of Commercial [...]

2018 Curb/Sidewalk Cost Share Program

Summary: In the City of Atchison, sidewalk improvements are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner. While the City will sometimes undertake projects without the financial participation [...]

Crosswalk Safety – 2nd & Commercial

Summary: This project improves crosswalk safety for pedestrians at the intersection of 2nd Street and Commercial Street  by creating a median and a curb extension area using rubber parking [...]

Riverfront Trail Extension

This project will construct an extension to the current trail that runs the length of the Atchison Riverfront. The extension would be an 8 ft. wide concrete path that would approximately double [...]

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