Atchison is currently updating its Airport Master Plan, critical to maintaining services to the community. Although Atchison began an update process from 1999 to 2003, the process was curtailed prior to adoption. It has become critical for Atchison to move forward again on updating its airport master plan or risk losing FAA support for improvements and maintenance.

Having an FAA-compliant Airport Master Plan is a crucial component to successfully operating a general aviation airport like Amelia Earhart K59. Without an up-to-date Master Plan, Atchison loses out on critical 90% matching dollars from FAA funds, not only for capital improvements but also for maintenance of existing facilities.

FAA matching funds are collected from non-tax commercial airline user fees and aviation fuel sales and do not affect your tax dollar in any way.

Given its local history, the Airport Master Plan represents a number of hot topics for stakeholders. Questions from community members include:

  • What are the options available for runway improvements?
  • What happened back in 2003 with the last master plan update?
  • What were the alternatives considered?
  • Does the City have to use eminent domain for improvements?
  • Why is the City pursuing a master plan update now?
  • Is it worth the expense of hiring engineering consultants?
  • What use is the airport anyhow? How does it benefit the average citizen?

Find the answers to these questions and more in Understanding the Airport Master Plan.

Track the progress of the Master Plan Update here:

STATUS DATE – Contracted with engineering firm BWR to update the Airport Layout Study

January 2011 Completed engineering for re-paving hangar apron taxiways and began land acquisition for new runway

  • 2012 Complete Environmental Assessment for new airport layout plan and hangar apron taxiways re-paving
  • 2013 Slurry seal Runway 16-34
  • 2014 Reconstruct partial parallel taxiway
  • 2015 Complete land acquisitions for new runway
  • 2016 Design new primary Runway 9-27
  • 2017 Grade new primary Runway 9-27