2017-2018 Street Project

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Summary: The City usually undertakes a big, contracted street improvement project every third year and staff is preparing to deliver a project in 2017. Various streets throughout the City will receive a 2″ asphalt mill and overlay, but the project also includes a substantial amount of curb and gutter replacement, sidewalk improvements, as well as wheelchair ramps at intersections.

NOTE: Please understand that developing a scope of work of this size and complexity is a difficult task. A street that is not currently included may wind up in final project and one currently shown as in the project may come out. Staff built this proposed scope of work after consulting with our employees (all of them) who work in the field each and every day. Traffic counts, current pavement condition, and dozens of other variables contribute to this consideration.

Cost: About $1.2 million. The concrete contract is for about $385,000 and the asphalt contract is for about $820,000.

Funding: This project is entirely funded by the City of Atchison, although funds come from a variety of line items in both the CIP and Wastewater CSO CIP. The total project funding is approximately $1.2 million.


Contractor: This project is being accomplished with two separate contracts. The first, which is primarily concrete, was awarded to Bottorff Construction on June 19, 2017 and the second, which is primarily asphalt, was awarded to Bettis Asphalt on July 17, 2017.

Status: Concrete – Completed, Asphalt – Completed

Construction Start Date: Summer 2017

Completion Date: Spring 2018