800 Commercial Streetscape Project

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Summary: This project reconstructed the 800 block of Commercial Street using the same streetscape concepts (street trees, benches, pedestrian lights) as the 200, 300, and 700 blocks of Commercial Street. The project also separated the combined sewers in the project area.

Cost: The construction contract is about $878,000, while the construction engineering and materials testing contract wound up just shy of $100,000.

Funding: This project was primarily funded by a $850,000 grant through the federal Transportation Alternatives Program. The grant application was authorized by the City Commission via Resolution No. 3003 on October 15, 2015. Because the project includes sewer separation, all remaining costs over that amount will be funded by the City of Atchison Wastewater/CSO Capital Improvement Fund.

Location: Commercial Street from 8th Street to 9th Street, although some stormwater infrastructure will also be installed in the 700 block of Commercial and in the alley on the north side of the 800 block of Commercial.

Contractor: The City Commission authorized a contract with Julius Kaaz Construction, Inc. at the October 23, 2017 City Commission meeting.

Status: Complete

Construction Start Date: February 5, 2018

Completion Date: Early June 2018

Construction Progress: Workers did uncover an historic bridge structure shortly after the project began. More information about that discovery is available here.

A worker prepares to torch cut an old streetcar rail line that was uncovered during excavation