2016 Downtown Street Light Upgrades

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Summary: This project will replace every old, rusted street light pole in downtown Atchison with a new concrete street light pole, made right here in Atchison by the Stresscrete Group. The new poles are also equipped with new LED roadway lighting fixtures. The project is a collaboration between Westar Energy, the City of Atchison, and Stresscrete.

Cost: The City’s portion of the project is approximately $10,000 in sidewalk and surface restoration costs.

Funding: Westar has purchased the Stresscrete poles as well as the lighting fixtures for the project. Westar also provided the labor to install the new light poles. The City is responsible for concrete demolition and restoration.

Location: Throughout downtown. The 800 block of Commercial was excluded from receiving new lights due to the upcoming 800 Commercial Streetscape Project.

Contractor: The City is contracting with S&R Betts Construction for the concrete work.

Status: The project is complete.

Construction Start Date: Summer 2016

Completion Date: January 2017


One of the new Stresscrete poles on 3rd Street just south of Commercial Street