Crosswalk Safety – 2nd & Commercial

 In Pedestrian & Bicycle, Transportation

Summary: This project improves crosswalk safety for pedestrians at the intersection of 2nd Street and Commercial Street  by creating a median and a curb extension area using rubber parking blocks. The curb extension and median shorten the crossing distances for pedestrians and cause drivers to slow down by disrupting the downhill straight shot for motorists at the bottom of the 2nd Street hill.

Rubber parking blocks are inexpensive and easy to move if the curb extensions needs to be re-positioned or removed at any point in the future.

Cost: Less than $500

Funding: This project is funded from the parts and materials budget in the Public Works Department / Streets Division.

Location: 2nd and Commercial

Contractor: Internal crews

Status: Complete

Construction Start Date: September 2017

Completion Date: September 2017