The table below summarizes the various grants the City has received for capital projects from 2015 to present.

Project Grant Source Grant $
South Atchison Trail Walters Morgan / Live Well, Live Atchison $15,000
South Atchison Trail Sunflower Foundation 2016 $55,000
South Atchison Trail Transportation Alternatives 2015 $1,170,000
South Atchison Trail Westar Energy $25,000
Downtown West Sidewalks CDBG 2016 $169,000
800 Commercial Streetscape Transportation Alternatives 2016 $850,000
US-73 Resurfacing KDOT Connecting Links 2017 (KLINK) $300,000
US-73 Underdrain KDOT Geometric Improvement 2016 (GI) $1,000,000
AMS West Sidewalks CDBG 2017 $250,000
Riverfront Trail Extension Recreational Trails 2017 $250,000
Main Street Right of Way Improvements (10th to 12th) KDOT Access Management 2017 $550,000
South Atchison Trail Connection to Santa Fe Depot Live Well Live Atchison / Pathways Grant $25,000
AE Airport Fuel Tank Upgrade & Relocation Kansas Airport Improvement Program 2017 $208,000
2nd Street Corridor Project Transportation Alternatives 2017 $525,000
AMS Safe Routes to Schools: South 5th Street Safe Routes to Schools (TA 2017) $400,000
Jackson Park Inclusive Playground Live Well Live Atchison / Blue Cross Blue Shield: Pathways to a Healthy Kansas $32,000
K-7 Mill and Overlay (Country Club to Northern City Limits) KDOT C-CLIP Program 2020 $300,000
Amelia Earhart Hangar Museum State of Kansas STAR Bond Program $1,500,000
Farmer’s Market Pavilion Project State of Kansas STAR Bond Program $400,000
TOTAL: $8,024,000